Welcome to the One Million Stories Creative Writing Project.

For nearly a decade it was our mission to discover, select and showcase some of the very best
new short fiction being written today, and then publish it right here for you to enjoy...
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At the end of April 2017 The One Million Stories Creative Writing Project will close.

Since its conception ten years ago the project has digitally published nearly three hundred stories
and published seven books.

The depth and breadth of work submitted to the Project has been inspiring, and all of us here at
Million Towers are grateful to have been part of such a global milieu of extraordinary literary

We have read stories from every significant land mass on Earth, apart from Antarctica.

The books will remain on sale through the Lulu site:
Million Stories's Books and Publications Spotlight
Our forwarding email address is skbskb@ymail.com

Our heartfelt thanks and best wishes go out to the hundreds of authors who submitted work to
the Project, most notably Diran Adebayo, Abigail Wyatt, Jack Chavoor, Ke Huang, Allen Kopp,
Abishek Iyer,  David Rowland, Diya Gangopadhyay, Byron Jones, Yusuf M Iqbal, Alan
Hutcheson, Viccy Adams, Claire Snook, Vivienne McCulloch, Robert Watts Lamon, Paul G Duke,
Cecilia McSweeney, Leena Jayaraj, Lilit Hotham, Krisztine Fehervari, Bongo Miggins, Mitchell
Krokmalnik Grabois, Anne Marie Hurtado, Anastasia Towe, Karen Resta, M. King, Eliza Master,
Bryan Kayser, James Santore, Simon Kellow Bingham, Emm Aye, Mark A Bruhwiller, Leo Tracy,
Eryk Pruitt, Lee Whensley, Kristina England, Robyn Alexander, Laura Caitlin Davis, Clare
Glennon, C B Heinemann, John Rachel, Paul Beckman, S Beig,
Dave Larsen, Tom Sheehan,
Kathleen Doherty, Kate Baggott, Marian Brooks, Jonathon Normal,
Karen Meyer, Brandon
Stevens, Julie Gesin, Cyndi Gacosta, Dave Larsen, Vicky Daddo,
Miriam Sachs, Deborah Reed,
Ed Wood, Erica Verrillo, Mike Deller, Virginia Moffat, John Sheirer,  Karen Meyer, Timothy
Hurley, Melissa Grunow, Alyssa Richter, Gabriella Harding, Bryan Young, Tori Tassone, Anthony
Jiles, Mick Barry, Mark Tomlinson, Maureen Simpkin, Gordon Darroch, Claire E Williams, Keith G
Laufenberg, Katherine Doggrell, Geoff Walker, Jack Coey, Erina Mettler, Jemma Hathaway,
Jackie Davis Martin, Jennifer Jones, Anthony Rowe, Wendy L Schmidt, James Vincent, John
Bruton, Steffan Gilbert, Sue Phoenix, Sylvester Chalira, Vivian McInerny, Susan Lambert,
Thomas Sabel, T L Payne, Rebecca Stant, Troy Johnson, Moriamo Onabanjo, Valerie Filer,
Whitney Moore and Paulo Coehlo...

...And so many many more...

Thank you and good luck in all your future endeavours...!!!