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Earth is all about.

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Flash Fiction and Short Stories At The Sharp End by Miscellaneous

New short stories are added regularly from some of the best new
authors writing in the English language today, selected by us, for you...

The deadline for submissions to the next issue is on Friday November
21st 2014...
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David Rowland
Plague, Part Four
S K Bingham
Meet some of our regular contributors old and new. Check out their blogs to
read more of  their latest writing. Connect with your favourite new authors.
Simon Kellow Bingham
has been a contributor
since 2008. Read his
latest work at
The Letter
Robert Watts Lamon
This Alone
James Vincent
Family Ties
Alyssa Richter
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Latest Issue Deadline is
Friday November 21st...
The Sharp End
Fabulous Flash Fiction by
One Million Stories
One Million Stories
One Million Stories
One Million Stories
One Million Stories
One Million Stories
One Million Stories
New at This
Melissa Grunow
Mike Deller's dark tales always
fascinate so try:
Rapunzel on the
Octopus Ride  for a starter...
Jack Chavoor has been a
contributor since 2009. We
loved his first story
'Song For
the Boss'. Read his latest work
The Talking Wall
One Million Stories
Marian Brooks is another superb
author read her writing in
Grandma's Dark Corner
Only Connect
Leo Tracy
One Million Stories
Family Reunion
Troy Johnson